Sherani Cosmetics

Sherani Mascara

Shades Of Sherani
With Vitamin E, Ceramides, Aloe


Sherani Moisturizing Foundation
Sherani liquid foundation is a moisturizing Waterbase Formula which contains a sunscreen without paba. Along with being fragrance free for those with sensitive skin, Collagen is added to keep the skin soft and smooth.


Sherani Perfection Powder
with Aloe Vera, Fine Mineral Powder,
Ceramides, & Vitamin E

Sherani Accents Colore Mascara

RX Lash Conditioner
For stronger and longer lashes
*Panthenol conditioner prevents breakage.
*Aloe guarantees softer and healthier lashes.
*Use as a night treatment or before applying mascara


Tufcoat Plus Top Coat
#1 Protective Quick Drying Professional Top Coat *Dries in seconds to a glass
like high shine finish.
*Protects polish from scratching and chipping
while providing longer wear.


Tame-It Fixative for Brows & Beards
*Defines & shapes eyebrows,
mustaches, & beards.
*Holds facial hair in place without being sticky.
*Will not clump
*Clear in color

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